First Round of Test Tiles

So I’ve been testing Crystalline Glazes to use later for the special forms that will be inside my portrait busts. This weekend I unloaded my first test kiln and it felt just like Christmas! I began with four different bases and used a single colorant (copper carbonate) just to see how each would react. I now have two bases with great results to continue testing with different colorants. From left to right each photo represents copper carbonate percentages of 0%, 0.75%, 1.5%, 3%, and 6%.

Dan Turnidge's MFE

Dan Turnidge’s MFE Base
Ferro Frit 3110                50%
Silica                              22.5%
Zinc Oxide                    22.5%
Lithium Carbonate           5%

This had nice large crystals with clear visible backgrounds.

Fa's Base
Fa’s Base
Zinc Oxide               25%
Dolomite                   5%
Ferro Frit 3110       51%
Silica                        19%
I also added an optional 3% Lithium Carbonate

This one had large crystals, but they were also overcrowded and didn’t have much background.

Fa's #5

Fa’s #5
Zinc Oxide               27%
Talc                             5%
Ferro Frit 3110       50%
Spodumene              4%
Silica                        14%
Add in 2% Titanium Dioxide

This came out with nice uniform coloring, but the microcrystals were too small & caused everything to go matte.

Helen's Base
Helen’s Base
Ferro Frit 3110          48.40%
Zinc Oxide                  24.35%
Calcined Kaolin            1.52%
Silica                            17.95%
Titanium Dioxide         7.78%
Add in 5% Lithium Dioxide

This last one was the most interesting because something in the base caused a bit of yellowing in the colorant. I liked it because it also had very clear large crystals with a good background.

My favorites so far...
My favorite’s so far are the results from Dan Turnidge’s & Helen’s Bases. I cannot wait to see what the other color combinations bring out on my next batch.