Focus for the New Year!

Last semester I began an inquiry into human emotion through facial expression and portrait bust sculptures. I also did much research through discovering the complexities and color variance of crystalline glazes. I would like to finish the second bust that I began last semester, but more importantly I have new ideas that I want to explore. The idea of human emotion and expression is still the foundation of my research. However, in an effort to embark on a new form of figure sculpture, I’d like to focus on the art of tattoos. My main goal this semester is to create a series of body parts that are comprised of smaller detailed sculptures of tattoo subjects. For example, a dragon and cloud tattoo on an arm would be a sculpted dragon and clouds that form the volume and shape of a human arm.

Subject Matter : Expression through Tattoos

Form : Figurative Sculpture

Content : Choice in tattoos usually holds deep cultural and personal meaning for individuals. They physically express emotions through chosen artwork by the wearer instead of natural emotional expression through body language and facial gestures.

Context : I’m trying to relate this form of personal expression with my previous study in emotional facial expression.

Format : By sculpting the individual imagery-objects of a traditionally inspired Japanese style tattoo, I will then construct the human body with these pieces.

Making Method : Handbuilding. Detailed carvings.

Materials : Cone 6 Porcelain with Underglazes for vibrant colors


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