Current Projects in the Works

Project 1: Study in Portraiture

Six facial studies in order to gain an understanding of portraiture through clay. Photos and sketches to be kept alongside practice portraits for comparison. Glazing/staining undecided at the moment, but interested in keeping a natural look.

Portraits of 2 Children, 2 Men (young & old) and 2 Women (young & old)

Project 2: Expressions

4 Final Portrait Expressions larger than life-size: Joy & Sorrow, Fear & Hope

These expressive portraits will hollowed out and then able to open along a hinge or sliding base that separates the pieces in order to reveal abstract forms hiding within.

Project 3: Soul – Sculptures

Several abstract bulbous sculptures that represent the inner emotions and experiences of the portrait personalities made in the previous projects. Spherical orbs will be altered to represent such ideas as physical abuse, heartbreak, child-like innocence, depression, etc. I will eventually combine my research in crystalline glazes to encourage more crystal development in the “damaged” areas through seeding. This will show how difficult life experiences lead to beautiful personal development.


2 thoughts on “Current Projects in the Works

  1. This is a compelling start that begs progress images on the blog!

  2. Butterfly says:

    You’re brilliant! I can’t wait to see more of your work!

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