Just the Beginning

Well, what can I say? Grad school is a little bit different than what I expected, but mostly in really positive ways! In addition to making new friends and being covered in a pile of reading, I’m learning a lot about working on teams and how to plan and research my ideas before starting them. Thus far I’ve spent the majority of my time searching for the perfect clay body. I began looking through Val Cushing’s Handbook and taking suggestions for recipes. I was looking for a cone 6 white body and a cone 10 porcelain. After making eight batches of 1000 grams each, I finally settled on two recipes based on their throwing abilities. The cone 6 white body is a recipe from a student of Andrew Martin, and it has the versatility of adding fine grog for sculptural work. The porcelain I chose was Jeff Cole’s translucent recipe, and it was perfect in test form. However, learning is usually about making mistakes. I made an incorrect substitution in my large batch and have some work ahead of me to correct it. I know I won’t ever make that mistake again, but I’m glad that I have the guidance and support necessary to move forward. After all, this is just the beginning, and I’m excited to share where I’ll be going.


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